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Note: All below listed equipment is USED unless specified NEW and all USED equipment come with 30 day Parts & Labor Warranty

1ADCPPA3-14MKIVNO24x2 Digital Audio Patch Bay with QCP IV punchdown backplane, normals brought out. Includes (6) 2ft. Patch cables $         350.00
1ADCPPI2232-MVJT-BKHigh Definition HD Video Patchbay $         200.00
3Audio Accessories/ADC32MV2/MVJ-3T 32X2 2RU Mid-size Video patchbay w/staggered BNC termination. $         250.00
2Digidesign/AvidC|24Control Surface Mixing Console With Power Supply for Pro Tools $      4,695.00
1DMCDMC PN: MH860MIL PN:  M22520/7-01 Crimp Tool $         150.00
3Dorrough280-DSet of (3) 280-D Digital Loudness Meters in a Custom Desktop Box with Rack Mount and Power Supplies. $      1,195.00
1Dorrough280-DSet of (3) 280-D Digital Loudness Meters in a Rack Mount with Power Supplies. $      1,095.00
1Dorrough40-A2Professional Analog Audio Loudness Monitor Meter $         250.00
1LEMO USADCC91.131.5LAInsertion/Extraction Tool $         169.00
1LEMO USADCE.91.131.BVCTool Positioner for use with DMC PN: MH860 MIL PN: M22520/7-01 Crimp Tool $          75.00
1LEMO USADCE91.132.BVCTool Positioner for use with DMC PN: MH860 MIL PN: M22520/7-01 Crimp Tool $         118.00
5NvisionNV9602Router Control Panels $         395.00
1PanasonicAG-DS555S-VHS Edit Recorder with Built--In TBC, RS-422 Control and Time Code.
Recently serviced with all new capacitors
 $      1,895.00

PanasonicBT-LH1700WP17" Widescreen HD/SD LCD Video Monitors With Tabletop Base. SOLD
3SonyBKDW-505Analog composite input card for DVW-A500 and DVW-500 Digital Betacam recorders $         195.00
1SonyBKP7911RARE: Single-Page Script Holder with Lamp (missing dove tail bracket to mount light; held on with velcro/duct tape etc.) $         250.00
2SonyBKU-705Timecode Generator/Reader card for VO-9800/9850 $         395.00
1SonyCMA-999P RGB Adapter $          95.00
1SonyDVW-A500/17Digital Betacam deck with Betacam playback
Op 15633, Drum 2075, Tape 973, Threads 5553
 $      1,295.00
1SonyDVW-A500/18Digital Betacam deck with Betacam playback
Op 60529, Drum 4986 (r493), Tape 2520 (r1116), Threads 19823
 $      1,295.00
1SonyJ-6252-210-A Head Tip Microscope $      1,000.00
1SonyPDW-F1600XDCAM HD Player/Recorder.
Op Hours 41457 (It was left on all the time)
Laser0 90, Laser1 89, Seek 366. Spindle 366, Load 1973
 $      4,995.00
1SonySRW-5500SRW HD Recorder with 5001/1, 5002 and 5003 Option Boards
Op 35834, Drum 1806, Tape 1300
 $       4295.00
1SonySVO-5800S-VHS Edit Recorder with RS-422 Control and Time Code; recently serviced $      1,295.00
1TektronixAMM768Audio Multichannel Monitor with SDI, DS, AD, DD and DDE Options $      2,495.00
3TektronixWFM7020HD/SD Multi-Standard Multi-Format Waveform/Vector/Audio Monitor with options CPS (2 Composite Analog Inputs), HD (2 HD-SDI Inputs) and AD (Analog and Digital Audio Monitoring). $      3,995.00
1TektronixWVR7200HD/SD Multi-Standard Multi-Format Rasterizer With CPS (Composite Analog Input) and AD (Analog and Digital Audio Input) Options $      3,995.00